large mono noe leather replacement/repair

  1. i was just looking at my noe the other day after school, and i noticed that the leather was starting to look dry and crackly. to my horror, when i looked at the bottom, i noticed that two of the corners had cracked! :wtf: it didn't go through to the canvas, but i'm still worried. does anyone knnow how much a complete restoration would be?:confused1: thanks in advance!
  2. Dunno, totally off topic, but your doggy is so effing cute!!
  3. ;) thanks!
  4. Awww so sorry.... I don't know what I would do if that happened to mine.....
  5. complete restoration as in changing ALL leather parts? that would be about 500$, but if you meant 'just the leather bottom', i'm thinking maybe 200$? :shrugs: good luck
  6. thanks, cecelia!
  7. Was this the one you bought used? It might be cheaper to just get a new (used) one. But it still sucks though.
  8. that's what i was afraid of... ugh.
  9. just to let you guys know, i went to lv at Neiman Marcus today to have them check my bag... they said it would cost only $250 to have the leather completely replaced! yay!
  10. wow thats it? ALL the vachetta? wow thats so good! thats like having a new bag with fresh vachetta when u get it back =]
  11. Wow! That's not bad at all!
  12. OMG! :wtf: Congrats!!! Wow, maybe I should utilize this service, too, on my noes...:graucho:
  13. i was so shocked when they said it would only be that much! i thought it would cost an arm and a few legs, but it's only, like, half an arm! LOL