Large Mono Musette

  1. Love it or Hate it?
  2. I think the opening is a bit awkward, but it is pretty.
  3. I really like musette:smile:
  4. I think it's a great size for an everyday bag if you need to carry notebooks or something, though the fact that it doesn't snap shut might be annoying, if the flap flaps around, know what I mean?
  5. I like it in Damier...
  6. not a fan.. sorry :tdown:
  7. I love it and have one.The flap is fine for me.The opening is a little narrow but I can live with that :tup:
  8. ^^^me too!
  9. It's a great messenger, hands-free bag....
  10. I love it, both in mono and in damier. It is on my list of one day bags.
  11. I own it in Damier... Had it in mono but I'm trying to steer clear of adding anymore mono to my collection unless it's luggage. The Musette is a lovely bag. It wears long enough so that it can cross over the most ample chest yet it still lies nice on the hip. The fact that the flap doesn't snap has never been an issue. The bag is chic!
  12. I love it in damier.:love: Like the mono too, but here in Belgium it's the most faked LV ever!!:sad: