Large Modern Chain Totes for Fall

  1. Based on information provided by Roey in one of her earlier threads I asked my SA about the Modern Chain Totes coming back for fall. He was able to confirm that this was true. The price will be $2,750. They will be back in brown and black, however he said based on the small picture in his computer system it appeared to be a distressed patent leather. He told me he would get confirmation on the leather.

    Anyway, just wanted to share the info.
  2. thanks for sharing
  3. Mon, thanks for sharing this info! I am so glad I purchased mine when I did at "only" $2225. $2750 is insane!!

    Patent doesn't sound too appealing in this line either.
  4. ^ITA! I'm glad I have mine and so happy you love yours Roey! I knew you would!
  5. wowww 500$ rise is a LOT!
  6. Thanks, Mon for the info! Can't wait to see a pic of this bag. Did he give you any insight on other Fall bags? :graucho:
  7. wow. looking for one right now. i hope my SA finds one for me.
  8. He said they are having their trunk show at the end of April and I told him to take very good notes.:p
  9. thanks mon! i think i might be interested...:graucho:
  10. Yikes... that's some price jump. I wonder if they will change the shape a bit... or if it will be the same, just different leather...
  11. Wow! That is a big price jump!
  12. Thanks for the info!!!! This board is great:yes: :heart:
  13. anyone got picture and what does it look like?
  14. I would love to see a pic too....
  15. Patent and mc styling doesn't sound like a good mix.