Large Messenger for a Man???

  1. Okay, want to buy a French Blue large messenger for DH as a surprise for an upcoming trip. He DOES not carry a bag but is "secure" enough (is than even still an issue???) to not be opposed on that basis. He LOVES great blues. Do you guys think the large messenger is too feminine or pretty much a unisex bag? I've not seen one IRL, only pics. Thanks for any/all opinions.
  2. i think the courier is a great men's bag but keep in mind that french blue is very bright, electric bright. personally, i would opt for a more toned down blue like marine.
  3. Thanks so muck Kicks! He actually loves bright blues (in cars anyway:p) and if it was too bright for him, well, I might be able to find a use for it....:graucho: BTW, of course Blue de France IS French Blue...of course...(right???)
  4. Maggien, that's such a sweet surprise!

    Here are some blues to consider...

    INK - saw a regular size courier at Barneys and it was gorgeous!

    French Blue might be too bright, I own one in a WORK and love it, anything bigger and I feel as if the color is overpowering.
  5. ICB!!!! I was really hoping you'd post!!!:p Now, if he LOVES GREAT blues and is more confident that any person should be, but has never worn a bag, but will be spending a cuple of weeks roaming around Italy...(he's 6'2", btw, very dark brown hair and dark complexion...sort of ruddy...big shoulders, slim hips...DAMN HIM!), d'ya think he could handle it? I mean I'm taling a half price Besace, for God's sake! Seriously, do you think he might be able to carry it off? I know it's very subjective, but you strike me as very confident, stylish and sort of F-U'ish (in a good way...LOL)...
  6. You know, it took a lot of guts for me to even carry my French Blue work...but I've had it now for months and love it! I get tons of compliments from strangers and I have never ever gotten a negative feedback from carrying it. But at the end of the day, I carry it because I love it...and I think when you wear something you love and with confidence, people can see it.

    If he's up for the challenge, I say go for it!

    Question though...
    Are you talking about a French Blue Besace? Are you sure it's French Blue and not the men's only AVIO color?
  7. Yes, French Sabine's. It was on sale for $695.00, so that helped close the discussion. I can see a French Blue Work being "easier" to carry than a Besace....something about it being a more "discrete" carry. You are CHOOSING to pick it up and carry it. That's confidence. That's attractive and compliment-worthy. With a cross-body, there's just something so POTENTIALLY NERDY :p if the wrong person does it. And the FB, of course, just screams for attention. Oh God, what have I done? What if he pulls out the running shoes and socks?? Hell, I'M the one who better have the confidence :sad: !!! The diff is, we're 50, we supposedly don't have to give a damn! Okay, enough proselytizing over bags. Many thanks for your post. I'll keep my fingers crossed. (and btw, I do know how to spell "couple"!!! :shame: - earlier post!!)
  8. Crossing my fingers for you Maggien! I'm sure he'll look adorable with it.

    I prefer the Work for myself, I haven't worn a messenger style in years!
  9. Thanks ICB! It's the only way I will be able to get him to carry anything - STRAP IT TO HIM!! (He objected terribly to the stapling incident!!)