Large & Medium Plum Malena

  1. This are the pictures Robyn's SA AKA Casey sent me. I guess I was confused, again, with the whole Aubergine, purple and plum colors:confused1: .... I really wanted a Aubergine Malena, Do JC even makes her? She said she has not hear anything, which I believe, bt I could swear I saw a pic of one here in this forum the other day..... HELP!!!!

    I guess Im a little scare about the color/liquid pattern. I know I should not be after having the electric blue which she really turns heads:p

    Robyn do you use your Liquid Mahala in a casual/work, etc way?

    But what do you girls think? I def like the M size better.

    Large Malena
    Medium Malena
  2. Gris - I just saw a wallet in the liquid style - both in plum, and in the cognac. I checked in the Nordstrom look book at the counter to see what colors the Malena came in...that is how I got steered to the wallets to see color examples. I also looked at a Malena medium in the black (non-patent). I'd definitely get the medium. It fits well over my shoulder and I am not a small woman. I think the plum is beautiful for fall. I favor the cognac and am waiting for one that is coming in to the store soon. I like to see them IRL, before making a decision. I am on my way to becoming a Jimmy Chooaholic. You?
  3. :nuts::drool::heart::drool::nuts:

    That is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've seen both sizes (not that beautiful color) and the large is really large.
    The medium is perfect.
  4. Holy moly, that color is gorgeous!
  5. Gris -- I prefer the medium too. I really like the Malena in patent!!! I think this gives you two great and very different looks with the Mahala in electric blue leather and Malena in plum patent.
  6. Hi, I've been lurking around the JC forum for a few days and falling more in love with the JC styles and colors (I'm usually a Balenciaga gal). I really like the Malena style, but I'm not as familiar with it. Would someone be able to tell me the dimensions of the large and medium bag? I apologize if this information is already on the subforum somewhere. TIA!
  7. Im already Chooaholic!!! :p ..... is like a drug ... LOL .....

    Ladychinadoll - I agree the Large is really really large - medium is PERFECT

    Chuggie - Im not sure on the dimensions on either or. Robyn?
  8. ^^ Thanks, Gris. Hopefully someone else will know. I can see how these lovely bags can become addictive. I really love the colors and fabric/leather combinations on the JCs.
  9. chuggie - the dimensions are 15'' x 9.5'' x 8'' for the M and 18'' x 12'' x 8'' for the large and the satchel 14 1/4x10 1/2x6
  10. Thank you, Gris. I really appreciate you getting the info for me. The large is definitely big - too big for my needs. The medium seems like a more appropriate size, but it still isn't tiny. Have you decided to go for the bag? I really like the patent/suede look, but I can understand why it might be a bit much for some people.
  11. ^^ Even thought I love the bag/style the patern/color is not really convincing me. But instead of the Malena I got the shiny red rikki, she arrives tomorrow and so does my purple mahala that JC sent back to me. So Im excited !! for now, till my CC bill get here!
  12. This bag is friggin HOT!!!!!!

    As for being a bit much for some people, the black is more subtle, but this color Rocks! The style and the color are absoutley gorgeous.

  13. I agree - is hot, but I dont think I can pull it off!!
  14. i didn't actually like this bag before. now seeing it in this color it gives it such a unique look. Great for a day bag for work. Clean and professional yet not boring, love it now. Also like the medium size.
  15. Gris -

    you under estimate your "hotness":woohoo:

    I've seen your pic with that blue mahala:tup: