Large Medallion Tote, Pic Please!

  1. If you have a picture of one, would you post it please?
    I have been reading the threads and this seems like a well-loved bag, but I can't find a picture!
    I have been considering a Cambon, might change my mind...Thanks!
  2. I believe the medallions only come in one size. You can check out the reference library for pics!
  3. ^yes:yes:
  4. Here is a pic of my new Medallian tote, its a small pic, but you can get the idea:yes: I love it!!:heart:
    canel tote medallian.jpg
  5. Thank you so much for the picture. I had checked the Reference section but could not locate the Medallion Tote. What "ligne" is it in? Thanks again.
  6. it's under the misc. Classic section.
  7. I love this tote!