Large Madison Python embossed clutch, instant pics

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  1. Just posting some pics if anyone wants to see the recent python embossing in the Madison line.

    I didn't used to be a clutch girl, but after getting both the Madison gathered clutch and the Legacy perforated large clutch, both as whims at the outlet, I've actually learned to do a "clutch carry". So now the first clutch I've ever purchased *not* on a whim, is the Madison python embossed large, with PCE. And this one is even bigger than the Legacy perforated large. (I guess I'm still new enough to this style of bag, that such a fact still surprises me. ;) )

    Daughter wanted to model it, so here are some pics for posterity.

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  2. One more. Dark brown satin lining. Clutch consists of two generous pockets.

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  3. Baby girl is growing up! Both are beautiful!
  4. Love the clutch !!! And your dd looks so pretty holding it just so!!!