Large Mademoiselle tote?

  1. Does anyone know if the mademoiselle large tote is still available in any boutiques? Unfortunately, there is no Chanel boutique in Atlanta, so my only local resources are Saks and Neimans and neither has that large of a selection of bags and both have said they haven't seen a mademoiselle tote in quite a while. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I recently saw a large black tote at the NM in Newport Beach, CA (Fashion Island.) I don't know their number but it's on the NM website. :smile: Good luck!
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. Did your NM SA not offer to search the whole Co for you?
    mine had them when I was there as well - Plano, TX as did my Chanel boutique in Dallas.
  5. I was last in right before Christmas and they were packed, so I felt bad asking her to do a search for me when she was waiting on so many customers. Thanks for the info!
  6. I think they had a couple at the NM in Fashion Valley also. They have the brown suede one on display. Ask for Suzi or Mariella. They're the best!
  7. Call a NM, any of them, I'll post my SA's info for back up or convenience and ask them to find you one, they will:yes: at least mine will! LOL!

    {877}634.6265 - request 'Handbags' then ask for Shannon.
    Or her voice mail is {972}629.1700 ext 1301
  8. You might check with the Boca Raton Saks--I think I may have seen it there yesterday when I was at the trunk show.
  9. yep Boca Saks had at least 2...........................a big one and a slightly smaller one.... (561) 393-9100
  10. Thanks so much everyone! :flowers: A Chanel SA pm'd me as well, so it looks like I have lots of options. This forum is fantastic!
  11. ^ACK! That's against the rules!