Large Mademoiselle Tote marked down at NM!

  1. NM is getting in more markdowns, so keep your eyes open! If I hear of more, I will post them, but here is the Large Mademoiselle Tote that was marked down!

    Originally $1795, Now $1256

    Call Lisa Hamlin if you have any questions! (248) 635-8442
    Also, today is double points for in circle!
    Chanel Sale.jpg Chanel Sale 2.jpg
  2. Sooooooooooooooo tempting! Thanks for the info
  3. You really have to keep in touch with your SA to get good deals.

    This exact tote in the light mint green was on sale for $750 (ish) this summer and I called my SA 2 hrs too late. Can you believe that markdown?
  4. That is so true! I talk to mine all the time so I always get the best deal I can get!
  5. it's pretty and thank's for posting!
  6. gorgeous!!! Too bad I've been banned! :sad:
  7. Gorgeous......Thanks for sharing!~
  8. thanks for more temptation!!
  9. AHHH i was going ot buy this!!!!!!!! i wish i was in the US
  10. Wow, thanks for the temptation too!
    I am on a self ban and trying to behave until next year.
    Darn, I'm incircle too...
  11. FYI- they ship worldwide for $50!