LARGE Love ring

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  1. Hi,

    Has anyone tried or purchased, the large Love ring? with screws all around? I was wondering if it might look too masculine, althought the description says him or her. Just curious about it...have still not yet decided which ring I am getting and saw that and thought I would ask!! It seems like it would be a bit more bold, but it is growing on me.
  2. good question. i am going to have to go try it on.

    i would love to see what it looks like too.

    i have two regular love rings..... and gotta say. not crazy about either. hardly ever use them.

    i have a yellow gold with half diamond. and a pink gold with a pink sapphire.

    i am soo into the bracelet though.
  3. It is a bit masculine, isn't it? I have the Love bracelets, but the ring never appealed to me.

  4. Do you mean the size of it (large one) or the design in general?
  5. ^^ I think I mean the design. I love huge rings.

    But if you love this ring, then get it, I just found other Cartier rings I liked better.

    You can't go wrong with any Cartier ring!
  6. I saw it on a lady long time ago, it actually looked nice.