large leather ergo hobo

  1. does anyone have pics of them wearing one of these? I love this bag....can NOT wait until it goes to the long do you think that will take?
  2. I don't think anyone has this bag yet. I ordered the Ergo Large Hobo in turquoise and will post pictures when I receive it on Friday. I don't think that this will make it to the Outlets until July at the earliest. The Ergo Officially does not hit the Coach Boutiques until April 1st
    and I think it takes about three months for the bags to hit the outlets.
  3. the bag is great...looks gorgeous on, and the colors are beautiful in person. I seriously DOUBT these bags are going to the outlet...kind of like the Carly. They may have 1 or 2 that were returns but otherwise, (at least in my area), ergo is going like hotcakes already.
  4. I couldn't really form an opinion on this line, until I was flipping through my catalog this morning and saw this on the model!!

    Gorgeous!!! I love it!! Now I just have to decide if I would use a white bag enough to justify purchasing it... and probably have to decide between this bag and the canvas carly that I also like out of the catalog...

    Thanks for the link TL!! :smile:
  5. Bags4bubbles:

    You can always get another color besides white. I ordered the turquoise Ergo Hobo and should receive it this week. There are three other choices. I did not get the white as I have a white Ali bag and I know that I will not use the white often as I will get it terribly dirty so I bought the Ali in white which is more of a Parchment color and not a true white in my opinion.
    Good luck deciding.:yes:
  6. ^ Thanks Liz!! It's such a struggle!!

    I've been wanting a white bag, but I know its probably not going to look good for very long... plus I really am a big fan of color. I :heart: the turquoise - but I have SO many blue bags!!! How many bags in one color family is too many?? I love them... and I think I would use all of them, but then I look in my closet and I don't feel like I have enough variety or that I'm being adventurous enough...

    Blue is hot for spring though. Hmmm...
  7. You're welcome!! I think the turquoise, camel and black are all gorgeous! The white is beautiful but I'd be worried about it getting dirty too much. (and I happen to have an Ali in white on the way! :sneaky: ) I did want the small hobo in turquoise but I think I'm going to go for the medium or large instead. I'm hoping the medium will be big enough so I can save $100! LOL!
  8. The medium does seem to be a pretty good size!! I didn't realize the sizes until I pulled it up. The medium is 14 inches across?? That's pretty darn big.

    Hmmm... maybe I could save $100 too. :graucho: I really like the turn lock, but for $100, I think I could live without it!! Now I gotta go check out the dimensions of the larger one... how BIG is that thing?
  9. The larger one is 19 inches across??? Wowza!! I think that might be a little too big!! Considering I am looking at getting a "part-time" Balenciaga bag for school right now, and I don't even think that it is 19" across!!! Geez. Now I gotta go check the sizes on that....

    19 inches?? It doesn't look 19 inches... am I reading this right? My laptop is only like 14 inches or something...:confused1: Good grief.... that's huge!!
  10. Hmmm.... large is 19L x 13 H x 6W and medium is 15L x 10H x 4W.

    The large is pretty good sized. I love the turnlock too but figured I could live without it for $100! And I have the large tote with the turnlock on it.
  11. I have no idea how big that Ergo hobo is...but it just followed me home. in the tan....with the little white purse charm, ergo. It is very comfortable, BIG, slouchy and flexible. The tote kept slipping off my shoulders with the two handles and I almost got the smaller tote in camel or black for I loved the legacy lining. But, my SA had the white hobo and it is really nice in the camel. I got my discount and I had the 100 dollar credit, so it brought it down quite a bit in price. I tortured myself with both on my arm...and then closed my eyes and said. large hobo, done. lol:wtf:
  12. HOLY cow!! I just got a tape measurer out... 19 inches is ALOT bigger then I had envisioned...

    I just looked at the "bag scaler" on for the Large Ergo, and it looks a little ridiculous on the "petite" person (under 5'4")... You could definately use that thing as a school bag maybe.... My laptop is 12 inches across (I just measured)... and I would consider that a "medium" sized bag... about the size I would need...

    Time to consider the medium hobo, I guess... Whoo hoo!! Thanks for saving me $100, TL!! :yes: Can you imagine if I would have ordered the large one w/o looking at the measurements?? LOL... I would have been like, ---HUh? :push:
  13. Congrats, Lynn!! I have the tote in camel, what a beautiful color!! If I didn't have the tote in large I would go for the hobo in large. I think! LOL! I don't need another big bag with an Ali on the way and the large Ergo tote so thought the medium would be a good size for me.

    ETA: Saved us both a $100 so we can buy something else! LOL! Well, I probably shouldn't buy something else.... ;)
  14. Hmmm... perhaps when I go in next week, I should give them the little wounded deer eyes, since I wasn't able to get my sunglasses.... If I could get the Ergo hobo with a discount... then that would definately be worth it! :graucho: