Large Leather Brooke

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  1. Hi. I'm still new to Coach but I seem to have developed quite an addiction already. My local Macy's doesn't actually carry Coach but every now and then someone will return one to the store or they will get one or two random ones to keep at the register. They have a large Leather Brooke in Eggplant right now that I love. It has actually been clearanced and they will give me an additional 20% off which would make it $192. That seems like a great price to me. But I am going to be outlet shopping with my mother later this month in Hagerstown, MD and I know they have a Coach outlet there. My question is do you think I would find a leather purse at the outlet for a better price or is this such a great price I should jump on it? I know I won't be buying another purse later this month if I get the one at Macy's. I appreciate any opinions. Thanks!
  2. Hagerstown does not get as many nice deletes as Lburg does... so I would suggest you get the one from Macy's .... and if by chance Hagerstown does have it (unlikely) then you can make the choice to return one and buy the other or not.
  3. It's a great bag and a very good price. If you were deciding between full price and outlet price I would say maybe risk it, but if you really like the bag I would get it at that price. If you find it at an outlet cheaper you can always return it. The Brookes haven't really hit the outlets yet in any numbers, and when I did see one of two they were at 30% off which is not as good as what you are getting at Macy's. I have the medium eggplant and love it.
  4. Thanks for your input. Unfortunately, someone else snapped it up while I was debating myself. Maybe I will find something awesome when I hit the outlet! I really loved that dark eggplant color though.:sad:
  5. I don't know if you have a Dillard's near you but the large eggplant brooks were 50% off before last weekends sale. THe DIllard's near me had 22 in the back room(before the sale), and DIllard's does charge sends so try them!