Large Leather Bleecker Duffle!!

  1. Hey Ladies!!! Could any of you that have this bag post some pics up?!! I think I have seen a few photos!

    Do you like this bag..I just got the studded gallery in chocolate..but now I am thinking about the large leather duffle instead! Ahh I dont know!!

    I was thinking to get it in black actually..boring I know !!
  2. Do you think the black is too boring?!?
  3. I went at lunch the black one..I really like the lining! Not sure if this is boring to get the black..I wanted the INK but the store only had black and the tan colour!!! :sad:
  4. Why don't you just go back and order the Ink color. I posted a picture of Blackbutterflys Bleeker Ink Duffle and it is gorgeous.
    I think you would really like it. Don't get the duffle in black, get it in a real color. I own the bottle green. See pictures of mine below. Get what you really want. Don't settle as you won't truly be happy with your purchase.

    IMG0003_14.jpg IMG0002_9.jpg
  5. I agree, too much to spend to not be totally satisfied.
  6. They won't let me order..says I can't use PCE if I want to order..and that it would take 1.5 months to get the order.

    I dunno..I do kinda like the black
  7. I think my store had it in stock in INK....
  8. I actually wore the black out today! I love it!!
  9. Amanda, I am glad you love your bag! Congrats!