Large LA white canvas tote/Jacobs canvas tote

  1. Hi I'm debating whether or not to get the large white Los Angeles white canvas tote or one of the "Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs...." totes but I haven't seen either one of them in person. Does anybody have either and do you like it? Modeling pics would be appreciated! Or any information at all. Thanks!

    And also.. for the Jacobs tote... I've heard that the black/navy blue are the only large sizes and the rest of the colored ones are a bit small? Is this true? Anyway- modeling pics would be great =)

    Whichever one I decide to get, it will be one of the boyfriend's Valentines Day present to me so I'm excited!
  2. I like the Marc by MBMJ totes because the canvas is sturdier... I remember thinking the LA totes where a bit flimsy and awkward to carry. I've only seen one size of the Marc by MBMJ totes.