Large Kristin Hobo - What colour?!

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  1. So I need something to replace the large Brooke that sadly parted ways with me, and now I miss dearly. The winner of the replacement is the Large Kristin Hobo.

    Now here's the dilemma. Black or White?

    I love the white, and want it so much, yet I'm terrified of colour transfer. I always wear dark jeans, so should I eliminate it right now?

    Black is my fail safe, good every day durable colour.

    Help me fellow Coachies!

  2. i want this bag also!
    and it is SOOO beautiful in white!!!
    do you happen to have the style number for it?
  3. *edit - 14783 for medium hobo.

    *edit again! 14769 is the large!
  4. if you love the white i say get the white. it's sooo pretty!
  5. Should I worry about colour transfer though? I only ever wear dark jeans.
  6. Both are pretty! I can't help you out with the color transfer issues though because I just bought the white alex..... couldn't resist. I am thinking about the kristen in black with my PCE if I get one. The large one. Is the large one $398?
  7. I have the multi alex so I understand lol and I'm so scared of using that one, so I'm even more scared of all white.

    And yep, the large is $398 according to everything I read on here. So with PCE it's only 300, which is even more tempting.
  8. white is too easy to mess up!!!! what other colors do they make it in besides black?
  9. The large I believe comes in White, Black, Taupe and Yellow.
  10. I really think this bag shines in White.. but I do not like Black bags..
  11. id go for taupe!!! it would go with alo and be a safer color than white
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was the only one. I do not own one Coach bag in black and always thought I was a bit of a freak. Well that and the fact that I love siggy still. :nuts: Makes me downright freaky. :P

    I love this bag in white too though. I want to get the medium in turquoise, or maybe even the siggy turquoise. To Die. For.
  13. I LOVE the turquoise. If if it came in the large I would snap it up in a FLASH! But the medium would be too small. :sad:
  14. Is there any chance that they will bring it out in the turquoise? I'd hate to see you buy it in white, and then a month later they release it in turquoise if that is the color you love. . . . is there any way to find out??

    Not that the white would be a bad thing - and realistically it would match way more colors. I actually have a cheap Guess purse in turquoise that I actually get TONS of compliments on when I wear it - but I do find it's kind of a difficult color to wear. It looks ridiculous with some colors. You'll never have to worry about that with white.

    (But I do love the turquoise) :graucho:
  15. I'm leaning towards black right now, just because it matches EVERYTHING I own. White and turquoise would match as well, because...well mainly I only wear mostly black and some purples, teals and jeans. My wardrobe is very plain lol