Large Khaki/Red Carly.. BOOYA!

  1. Just got home to find a lovely prezzie waiting for me! She's LOVELY tho I'm noticing she's a little stiff. My Khaki trim one was so slouchy she looked like she was pouting but I LOVED her slouch. Maybe I just need to wear Beet girl in a bit. Anyways, pics!
  2. Beautiful!

    I love it on you! It looks great! :drool:
  3. Looks great! Love that thumbs up pic, too...congrats!!
  4. glad you love it! :yes:
  5. Looooove it!
  6. SOOO pretty! Enjoy it!
  7. Such a pretty bag! Didn't you get a medium one too?
  8. ROCK ON!!!! Enjoy!!
  9. Oh I love it!
  10. Wow very cute
  11. :drool: I love it....congratulations.
  12. Wow, Candy, I love it!! It looks fabulous on you and the red/khaki combo is amazing. Congrats on your new bag!!
  13. Just love the khaki/red together. It really stands out! Carly looks good on you!!! :tup: Congrats on your new bag! ENJOY!
  14. Love it!!
  15. That is a stunning color combo. Congrats! That size looks perfect on you!