Large Jeanne and Co on

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  1. lots of new little bits and pieces on the website...too many to post here, so do peak there girls...but i had to post these ...?:tdown: or :tup:?

    and the sunnies ? :graucho:

    plus i dont understand why the newest cruise show is still not available there ! *sulks in the corner*

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  2. I don't care so much for the jeanne bags, but those sunglasses are way cool. I don't know if they'd look good on my but I definitely love the style.

    On the U.S. website it didn't have the new pieces, so I looked them up on the UK website. I really like the Black Cannage evening bag with swarovski crystals, and the Beige Sweet Trotter Romantique Boston Bag with pink detail. I can't copy the pics, though, sorry.
  3. I still couldn't find those bags on the UK site...grrrr...but, I still perused both the US and UK sites to oggle all the offerings.

    Thanks for posting the pictures!!! :smile:

    (to be honest, the Jeanne collection is like "artwork" to me; for my daily use it would be very non-functional.)
  4. I saw the Jeanne hobo in black at SAKS in PA..ITS TDF!!!!!!!!!I must have one!!!LOL!
  5. ^ :drool:
    JILL PLEASE POST PICTURES OF YOUR JEANNE!!! we're dying for some pictures here!

    and thanks for the pictures nattie! can't seem to find any videos of it on youtube either.

  6. Loganz that Dior site is a bit tricky - to see more pics you have to go directly from the fashion and accessories menu to SHOP ONLINE, if you access shop through women section it wont show you everything.Then choose United Kingdom and browse by categories - you will see the full offer ! hope it will work for you this way ! :tup:

  7. shall we write an official complaint to Dior? i mean i WANNA see it ! :supacool: slackers!
  8. ^ :roflmfao:
    i think the dior website people need you to do this to them: :lecture:
  9. WOW!! uk website has so much cool stuff!! Does anyone know if they accept US based credit card and ship to US???

    The accesories are so cute that I almost plastered my face to the screen to oogle at it!!
  10. unfortunately jeslyn, the uk site accepts only uk-based credit cards and they only ship within uk. but you might want to note down the names of the accessories and ring up a dior in the US to ask if they have it (or if they could bring it in)
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. I thought I might try. Called SA who called the corporate office, they say US dont have any at the moment. :tdown: She'll call me as soon as any comes in.

  12. Thanks Nat!!:tup: I finally figured it out!! What fun I have just had too perusing the UK offerings! I quite enjoyed spying on what you lucky UK gals get to buy online!!

    What I didn't understand was the pricing. Particularly, I was looking at the Christal watches (a friend and I were online oggling them on Elux this morning) I thought that the USD to GBP conversion was about double right now, i.e. if something was 100GBP it would cost $200USD (?) However, this would mean that the watches are more expensive in UK than they are in the US (?)

    OK - I just confused myself with that rambling so I am not really expecting a response - I guess it was more of a statement. :P
  13. heh, loganz, you're right about it. prices here are generally higher.. it might be due to the VAT (17.5% tax), so the prices are higher. I've noticed that generally with currency conversion, the price of dior in the US is prolly the best and UK being the most pricey one (comparing prices in US, UK and Asia).

  14. to me is a last resort really if i cant find anything anywhere else ...the prices are outrageous and much more expensive than in my boutique :cursing:
  15. i hate the jeanne bags. :sick: