large horsebit hobo inquiry

  1. hi guys,

    i'm planning to sell my large horsebit hobo on eBay & i just need your help on what starting price suit this bag. would $999 be too outrageous? thanks in advance.

    a little info about the bag:
    ....less than a year old. stains, marks, or any signs of damage
    ....used less than 10x

    (oh god, and sorry about the size of the pic)

  2. LOL I wish it was black I would be interested:smile:

    Yours is gorgeous, though--I just have waaaay too many brown bags LOL

    I think $999 is a decent price, but in the store they are like 1270 or so with tax...maybe offer free shipping??
  3. oo that's pretty! yeah i agere with couturegrl. the price isn't that much off retail so offering free shipping would be a good incentive to buy from you :smile:
  4. I can't see the pic :sad:
    I would go a little lower... eBay auctions have a habit of growing anyway... if you start so high you may not get bids, also the price is too close to a new one... I would start a little lower and place a reserve on it, that way if your reserve is not met you don't have to sell it.
  5. I agree - you might get more interest with a lower opening bid. I think potential bidders would appreciate a lower opening bid over free shipping...
  6. i wanted that bag! and i'm debating wheather to buy it on eBay or not...
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