Large Gucci Horsebit Hobo Rub Off

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this, however, I just bought a large gucci horsebit hobo in tan and wore it the other day when it was warm, and the color of the bag rubbed off on my white shirt. Is this normal? Will this continue to happen? Does anyone have any advice as to how i can prevent this from happening again? Thank you so much!
  2. Unfortunately, this is normal. Be very careful when wearing dark denim jeans too, the dye tends to bleed on the bag!!! :rant: I would try spraying a leather protector on the bag. ;)

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  3. are prompt in responding! THANK YOU! Thank you SO much for the advice..i'll be sure to spray something on the bag
  4. You're welcome! I had the same thing happen to me :shame:
  5. OMG This has never happened with my two (tan and black) but I treated with Appleguard spray and conditioner before I even wore them out! the Leatherstuff products work very well on them I find.
  6. never happened to me! but it is a shock!!! i have wiped my gucci canvas with the a white shirt when spot cleaning it and no color ever went to the shirt... this is brown monogram canvas right? oh yeah, i never treated any of my bags with anything too. :smile:
  7. Ive been worried about this. I recently bought the canvas large horsebit hobo and I am worried about wearing with dark jeans. So will the jeans rub off? If so how can I prevent?. Can you protect the canvas?