Large Gucci Boston...feeling guilty.....

  1. Hi Gucci girls,

    Anyhow lately I have been thinking about designer bags and how much I love them. No one in my city really carries designer bags the ladies that do are few and far between. Everyone compliments my Gucci Boston but, half of them just know that it is a nice bag. This year I have bought 4 Gucci bags and I still want another and I feel so guilty. I am not rich and work hard and wonder if I am being materialistic. My large gucci boston cost more than my wedding gown which I bought a few years ago (wedding gown was on sale for $1300 and was regularly $1800). Now my wedding gown was stunning and everyone loved it so, I was thrilled with it. When I bought my boston I thought it is very pricey but, if I carry it a lot it is worth it and I do love it. I am holding off on getting another Gucci because I feel so guilty and I wonder if anyone else has these feelings.

  2. Maybe some of the people on this forum don't want to admit they feel this way at times, or choose to ignore it, but I'm sure the thought has crossed most of our minds. I know it has crossed mine more than fact just as I logged onto the PF I thought, do I really need to spend money on another bag?? It is so expensive!! I say, just get what you want but make sure you're not going into debt, and try to buy in moderation. Don't be too hard on yourself. Having great taste isn't a bad thing. :smile: Happy shopping!!
  3. You get married once.. but you carry your bag all the time !! :graucho:

    Seriously though, this is all up to you. I love the boston personally, it's a gorgeous bag but if you're not deriving any happiness from the lovely bag, maybe it is time to think about the purse price tag. There are Guccis and a bunch of other designers that have bags that are a little more easy on the budget, so maybe it's time to switch it up !
  5. :angel: Gucci gal I know how you feel..I've spent a ton of $$$ on bags and sometimes I think to myself what the hell am I doing? But I do love them, and wear them all..And I get a different feeling from each one of them..It is my down fall..At least I spend my hard earned $$ on that instead of drugs (ugh) or sitting on a bar stool somewhere every night...I try to be a good daughter and a good wife...I work full time and my husband has his own business....I do everything for him...and for everyone else.....I don't spend into debt and save habitually every week..But sometimes the guilt bug does bite..I don't believe in materialism..As $$ cannot buy happiness...But it's a balance....This is my thing and every body knows it..Everyone has a vice..this is ours!! Enjoy your purchases...I'm sure they look great on you..You have great taste! You can't help it!! NONE OF US CAN !!!!! :smile: :heart: Emmy
  6. My bag is my baby and I love it and it brings me so much joy. I just feel a tad bit guilty from time to time because I always want a new handbag to add to my collections. There are other things that I should be considering with the purchase of a new home etc.. Gucci is so fabulous...I would have a hundred of them but, that is not in the budget right now. I want to add a black leather Gucci to my collection and feel bad because I just bought four leather Gucci's new in the last few months. I have a leather black prada which is from the couture collection and love it but, a Gucci Britt would be so nice.
  7. Thanks for your post... I love stylish things but, the price tags that go with them are hefty. I am your average Jill so, 4.5k on handbags this season was a lot and I feel that I may be a bit materialistic. I am so darn picky and will not carry a bag unless it is Prada, Gucci, Chanel or MJ. My coach handbags do not make it out of the house. Now I am not elitist but, think I am a bag snob when it comes to myself. I do not care what others carry. None of my family or friends are this way and I am not sure where I get this from. It is a phenomenon to have such an attitude towards bags. Here is to great taste:drinkup: .
  8. You crack me up! You're not a snob my friend you're a GIRL!!!!!! I just bought a MJ & a Gucci in two weeks time and I'm still eyeballing stuff! However I do like my Coach too...I tend to beat on my Coach bags more and I baby my other ones severely....Enjoy your bags...Sit tight for a bit and admire our other friends' purchases!!! That's fun too!!! :heart: Emmy
  9. hi gucci gal!
    first of all let me just say...i love the gucci boston bag. i've been drooling over it for a while now.
    now back to feeling guilty, i totally know how you feel. i am a "newbie" bag hag so shelling out big bucks for a purse is quite difficult for me. but i am now in my 30's, never really had money to spend on anything more than $30 before. so now, i just enjoy what i can afford but not focus on it all the time. for as long as you know that bags aren't the "be all and end all" of life, then you're fine.
    cheers to gucci and all you gucci gals out there!
  10. Hi. Count me in as a "bag snob" lol. I used to be obsessed with Coach, but everywhere you turn, there's your bag. So I turned to Gucci, which the Boston Bag was my first and I love it!! And I haven't seen it coming and going. I live in a smaller area as well, and feel a little weird sometimes carrying a Gucci into the supermarket! Oh well, I see people with their fake LV's and even obvious fake Coach's carrying their's around proudly, so I think that's what we should do, too! --Not fakes, our real ones! As for always wanting another one, I wonder if there is some club we could join--oh wait I think the pf is it! I tend to go to extremes every now and then, but I always make sure the priorities are covered. Even if there is a bag I "just have to have", I always tell myself, there will be another--let it go--for now ;).
  11. Wow, I thought I was alone with my obsession for purses! I have been a huge Burberry fan for the past 4 years and have 6 purses, the quilted coat, numerous wallets, umbrellas, etc....Now I am back with my obsession for Gucci! I remember buying my 1st Gucci back while I was away at boarding school - I think it was my Junior year? Well, I just wanted to let everyone know - at least when we shop we have something to show for our experience - while men usually spend their money on food and at the bar (betting if it's football season!) to all you gals out there feelin' guilty -don't! You pay for quality and these bags are going to be popular for many years to come....My latest GUCCI addition is the Princy Medium bag -well worth the $795.00 I spent on it! You go girls!!! My motto - NEVER FEEL GUILTY!!!!
  12. I think it is very important for you to evaluate what your priorities are. The most important advise I can give to you is that it doesn't matter how pretty or popular a handbag is, please do not sink in debt! :lecture: ..if you can't afford it, do not buy it.:upsidedown:
  13. No debt...but, I feel bad because I just got 5 new bags and I am ready to buy a brand new LV just to switch it up a tad...I still love Gucci but, think I need to add an LV..the black suhali lockit pm/mm/gm are may even beat the Britt for is so classy looking...handbag obssessed indeed...:yahoo:
  14. :idea: Excellent advice! I agree....and live by it!! :heart: Emmy