~large Gucci Axiatrix~

  1. hi everyone! it's my 1st post in the gucci forum! most of my bags are LV's BUT when i saw the gucci aviatrix it was love at first sight!!!!:love: i love the crest!!:heart:
    and i love that i can fit lot's of things in it!
    i actually bought this around late september!:angel:
  2. Congrats!!!! Its gorgeous!
  3. Congrats! Great bag!
  4. Super cute!!!
  5. Nice!! I love this bag!
  6. So nice! Congrats!
  7. i love it!! congrats :tup:
  8. Nice...congrats!!
  9. Wow, congrats! Such a lovely bag. Enjoy using it...
  10. love it! congrats!
  11. Congrats!!! :tup:
    I actually saw it in the boutique last night but dare not try it because i'm afraid i'll break my ban again if its gorgeous on me! :p
  12. hotness!
  13. wow... I am LOVING that bag. That is definitely going on the list of bags I *need* (lol)
  14. looks fab!
  15. You may have wanted to wait on this bag as its gonna be on presale next week and it will be a little over $1200