Large grey reissue (used). Good price!

  1. It looks good... and I don't believe that any fake reissues have surfaced yet, right?

    Maybe this could be a really good deal.
  2. Yes the fakes of these bags are around!! What is wrong with the 2nd picture of the opened flap, the whole thing is not straight and surely should be as the fastener is closed. Maybe it is the picture.;)
  3. Thanks lesan67. I didn't know that this was being faked.

    Like I said, I'm not sure about this one -- I don't know anything about the seller.

    The photos looked OK to me, but maybe those who own this bag can weigh in, one way or the other.
  4. I have heard that one or two fakes of this model have been spotted, if it is true there are bound to be more. However, this UK seller seems to only sell very expensive items and maybe the problem is with the photo - did you see which one I meant, it is the 2nd photo with the flap open, on the left side as it faces you, the "underflap" which has a press fastening dosen't go straight across the bag at the same level, on that side it goes higher but this may just be the way the pic has been taken.:cool:
  5. Yes. I did see what you meant. But it's so hard to tell with these soft bags. To me, that could be OK, and just the way the bag is sitting... especially since the sewing looks good, in that area. The leather looks right too.

    But! I don't know this seller at all.

    Re: fakes. I keep on hearing that the chain, in particular, is really difficult to fake.
  6. I just got a large grey reissue and this one looks pretty good to me. The flap on the right looks like it's been bent forward... I'd ask for close-up photos of the chain. One of the links that makes up the chain has engraving, which I think would be too hard and/or too expensive to duplicate...
  7. Augh, I wish I could buy this !!
  8. I don't think it's a fake ... I've never seen a fake reissue 2.55. I always check out the fake bag thread at TFS and no one has seen a fake reissue ... the chain strap would be too hard to duplicate. It looks good to me.
  9. Yes. It really looked good to me, that's why I posted it.

    I wish ayla could get it!
  10. I agree everything else looks good, quilting is great. I think I would ask for another pic to be taken at that angle, it is actually nearly half a quilted pad out from one side of the bag to the other.
  11. I don't know if it's a fake but I don't like the look of it in the first picture....I hope it's not a fake tho.
  12. Sold as a BIN to someone from the UK. I saw these bags on sale at Chanel in Dubai a couple of weeks ago, price is very similar to the price in London, but if someone desparately wants one..............:idea: