Large grayson or east/west tote????

  1. Hello ladies!

    Got a few questions regarding the MK east west tote and the large grayson in monogram in brown or vanilla? I’m new to the MK bags and lusting over these two styles. But can’t make my mind up which one to buy. Have any of you experienced any color transfer on the vanilla bags??? And can you wear the Grayson as a shoulder bag? I really love the style but I’m not sure if the straps are long enough. I’m sure it would get on my nerves if I had to carry it around on my arm. It is much more convenient if I could wear the Grayson on my shoulder. If any of you ladies have modeling pics of either bag that would be awesome!!!!!
  2. Grayson's handles are too short for shoulder wear, where as the tote has longer handles that will work fine for shoulder wear. Both styles are lovely and timeless, it just depends on what works better for you.
  3. you should get both! one for should wear one for arm wear :biggrin: they are two very different styles so it would be difficult to pick one out if you like both. grayson only for arm wear! good luck choosing your bag :p
  4. I have a large mono Grayson in beige. I love the style and look of it. But like what others said, you can't put it in your shoulder coz the strap is short. But what I did was I took the strap of my Mk metallic bedford (since they are of the same color) and use it on my Grayson whenever I need my hands to be free. c",)

    Will try to post pic tomorrow of Grayson & Tote. (mine is grab bag)
  5. Thanks to all of you! Detskl54, yeah pics would be awesome. Misqi, well, I wish I could get both. I will someday. I guess I like the grayson a bit better. It is a hard decision. Well, I'll keep you ladies updated. But I have to wait until September. So plenty of time to search this forum for advise an pics. Thanks again.
  6. I have the large grayson in brown and it is possible to wear the bag on your shoulders if you have smaller shoulders. I've been able to place it on my shoulders at times during shopping when I need both my hands for a short time, but I wouldn't recommend it for a long period of time.
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    Hey Darcy, do you mean the Grayson satchel? if so, did you notice that the new Grayson stachel (smaller one ) now comes with shoulder straps! I think it's a great idea. I don't recall the earlier version having them. Detski54, that is a great idea about using straps from another bag, that matches. I have the large Grayson, and dahhh I never thought of that. Thanks for the tip :idea:
    new Grayson with shoulder strap.jpg
  8. Hi. I actually got the idea from the new Grayson (same as pic that you post). The only difference was the new Grayson strap has chain links, while mine doesn't. Lol. It does help me a lot. I have a 2yr. old toddler and most of the time I need both hands free when she starts running around. c",)

    Promise, I'll post the pics tomorrow including the Grayson with strap. Just didn't find the time to do it, had a busy day today. c",)
  9. Here are the photos:

    Note: I'm only 5'1" and this is how a large Grayson looks on me.
    image-3044297357.jpg image-2874293797.jpg image-2426633978.jpg image-3431117366.jpg image-2731768276.jpg
  10. I have the large grayson in vanilla & haven't had any color transfer from my jeans. The straps are not longer enough to carry on my shoulder. It's very spacious but can get a bit uncomfortable carrying on my arm, I usually carry it by hand for a while.

    I also have three totes from MK & would say that they are more practical for everyday use.

    I mostly use my grayson for going out to eat or movies.