Large grayson in brown with the mk on it or the large hamilton?

  1. I am new to micheal kors as I am usually in the coach forum. I am trying to decide between these two bags and would love some opinions and the pros and cons of both styles.
  2. Since you already have a damier ebene speedy which is similar in shape/color to the Grayson I'd go for a Hamilton. You can carry it multiple ways and it's such a gorgeous classy leather bag -casual & chic :smile:
  3. I vote Hamilton.
    I was just looking at these a few weeks ago and I really like the size and style of the Hamilton.
  4. I agree, get the Hamilton
  5. Go with the Hamilton. Its a great purse with ghw or shw.
  6. I have two Grayson Satchels and one Hamilton, but agree with everyone else and say go with the Hamilton. The Hamilton is unlike any other handbag that I've seen before in comparsion to other designer brands. The Hamilton is chic, classy, timeless, and adaptable! :smile: I say go for it! Good Luck on your decision!
  7. I also vote Hamilton. Grayson is too boring imho.
  8. Hi,

    I'm new to the forums (and to MK purses in general), so please forgive me for partially hijacking the original post. I am also considering getting the Large MK Greyson. Is there a difference between the ones sold at the MK outlets and at the actual store? The one at the outlet near my house has a small MK grayson on sale for $199. Is this a good price for it?

    Thanks, and sorry if this is posted in the wrong area!
  9. I think the outlet is overpriced for it to be a "outlet" from my experience and my opinion. I would suggest looking at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Dillards have some on sale for a really good price before going to the outlet. Plus the outlet doesnt refund, just store credit. I dont like shopping at stores that lock me. I dont know if there is a difference in quality, but if there is a small difference if price, I'd go for a non-outlet bag.

  10. Hamilton hands down!! I have 3 Hammies and a Speedy 35 and my Hamilton in luggage gets waaaaay more use than my Speedy just because its such a hot bag! People will be complimenting your bag at every turn because Hamiltons are just that fabulous