Large Gladys on sale!!!!

  1. Hey Ladies,

    Heads up:nuts:
    I just got back from my trip to Vegas. Fraidy, went to NM that is on the strip and guess what I saw on the sale table??????
    A large gladys in gray. and guess for how much?
    I think it was $835.00!!!!:shocked: I know it was less then $850.00

    I put it on hold on Friday. So unless someone picked it up today, it may still be out there tomorrow.
    Please ask for Charley, he was totally cool:flowers:
    Here is his tel# 702-731-3636 ex 2126 or 800-288-7741

    I could not believe it was there. I was so tempted to get it. Still thinking I should have but I went into Chanel and saw a bag I really want to get on the waitlist, so I'm totally torn.

    Good luck
  2. what a great deal! thanks for posting the info!