large gaucho saddle bag

  1. is this still good for 2007?
  2. I hope the Gaucho is still in . . . I just bought this one from a fellow PFer:

  3. i think the gaucho is good for ANY year! contrary to what some others might think, i don't think it's some "trendy" bag that is only good for a season or two. it's so easy to match anything with the gaucho and the natural aged look to the gaucho makes it a classic (in my opinion).

    and rondafaye, i'm sure you look gorgeous with your white gaucho! ;)
  4. Ditto that!

    Dior has also re-invented the Gaucho for 3 seasons (Spring/Summer 06, Fall/Winter 06, Cruise 07), and it looks like it's a bag that will stay!

    I think that a vintage-looking bag made of leather will ALWAYS be in style, unless the colors are neon or too bright.
  5. omg Rondafaye if u ever wanna get rid of your white gaucho u know where to find me ! :heart:

    these bags will be stylish forever and ever ! i will be sixty eight and still swinging my gaucho around ! :yahoo:
  6. Rondafaye

    Congratulations on your White Gaucho! It's beautiful!:yes: :yes:

    I love the Gaucho. It is fabulous bag and I think it's here to stay!

    I have just sold mine on eBay but only because the weight of it was an issue for me.

    It was really hard to let it go. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  7. For those who own medium gaunchos... how is the user experience? particularly regarding weight, and do the buckles on the straps catch on your clothing? Is it a comfortable bag for everyday use?
  8. Is medium the 10 X 14 or the 7 X 14? I'm a little confused about size designations. Thanks.
  9. ^ susan-eric, here are the various sizes:

    medium (single) saddle gaucho:

    large (double) saddle:

    small gaucho:
    (another variation of it)

    gaucho tote:
    (another variation of the tote)
  10. i think it's a nice weight. i don't think it's heavy at all (heavy to me would be the chain handles to a chanel! :p) and nope, the buckles don't snag onto any of my clothes, not even when i was wearing knitwear. and yes it's a nice size for an everyday bag (if i recall correctly, Chrystalline uses her gaucho has an everyday bag for work).
  11. Wow--thank you Zerodross! Those are fabulous photos. I'm still a little confused about dimensions. Eluxury seems to mean 7 X 14 for a medium. Then some bags are 10 X14 and I'm not sure if they're medium or small because then there seems to be an even larger size. The small in your photos actually doesn't look all that small (to me anyways, but I'm small)...
  12. Sounds perfect! :love: /leaves to continue drooling
  13. small gauncho
  14. I have a medium gaucho and it is not heavy at all. The leather is so soft and durable. I don't think this style bag is trendy at all. Saddle bags in general have been around for ages.