Large Gallery as Diaper bag? Need expert advice!

  1. Hi there, I am usually over at LV or Gucci but I think I'm starting to fall for Coach :love:

    I am looking for a bag to use as a diaper bag and I really like the look of the Large Signature Gallery Tote. (I don't really like the other actual diaper bags.) So, my question is would the large gallery be big enough? I am thinking that with a large pursket things could be well organised inside.

    Does anyone own the large gallery?

    Thanks, any help will be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, how cute are those ponytail scarves! Must buy several :graucho:
  2. I own a zebra gallery tote. I think it's big enough. :yes: I've never used it as a diaper bag but I do think it's a good size for it.
  3. Hi! The gallery would be perfect for a diaper bag. Since it does not have the pockets of a diaper bag...I would get a Diapees/Wipees (a pouch that you can fit 3 diapers in and a wipes case) and maybe another zip pouch to hold extra clothes in..that way you can find everything and keep it seperate. The black wouold look great too-I love that bag!
  4. I so want one of those in pink!
    My vote would go to that.
  5. OMG PyAri your puppy is SO CUTE!!!!!!

    Oh yeah and I totally think that would make a great diaper bag.
  6. I think it would work great as a diaper bag. I don't own this bag but I've seen it and it's quite large.
  7. get it. its gorgeous. coach sure is stepping up their game.
  8. you have no idea how glad i am that you've found the joys of coach!

    less expensive, great quality, cute cute cute.

    never had the bag, but looks like it would fit diapers perfectly ;)

    let us know what you end up getting, and don't forget to post pictures!
  9. The ponytail scarves are THE BEST! I wear them around my ponytail and on my head like headbands... they're so versatile, which makes them SO great! You should DEFINITELY purchase at least one... lol. Anyway, you should also totally get the bag and use it as a diaper bag. My friend just had a baby, and I was going to buy her the actual diaper bag, but she didn't really like it (picky... jk), but that bag is GREAT! Hmm... I may even suggest it to her... :yes:

  10. I have the hamptons weekend tote and I use that for a diaper bag.
  11. I have this bag, and even though I don't use it as a diaper bag, I can see it being used for one. It fits on my shoulder, and that makes it more handy IMHO.
  12. Wow, thanks for the friendly responses! I am so glad to hear that you all think it will be ok. It is still a little early for me to buy it but it's definitely on my :heart:wishlist:heart: now! I will keep you updated... :yes:
  13. good choice!

    you may also want to get a seperate pad thingy to lay the baby down when you change him/her because thats another thing that the "reagular" diaper bags have that the galler wont.

    ps: congrats on the baby!