Large everyday "work" bag

  1. Anyone have any suggestions for a bag that I can carry back and forth to work? Larger enough to carry a textbook and clipboard. Thanks!
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    I personally like the N/S Quilted Tote that was released for Resort 06. It's a great size and it isn't all to heavy which is an important factor for me. Oh, you also might want to check out the reference library to see some of the other bags and I'm sure other members will chime in on this. :yes:
  3. the hudson is a good choice to consider.
  4. The ones that come to mind for me are the Stella, the Hudson, the Mixed Quilted E/W Tote or the Deborah.


    Hudson (Shoppingsmycard's photo)

    E/W Mixed Quilted Tote (

  5. I like Melly's suggestions above. on another note, almoll, did you end up keeping the trish?
  6. stella!!!!!!!!!
  7. Stella or "new tote", or Deborah
  8. I would day the Mixed Quilted Tote or the Hudson. I have both and they are such great bags. Also, it isn't MJ, but the L.A.M.B totes seem to be really strong and can hold a lot, and they are a lot cheaper. I use the Grantham Tote in the silver/gray color for class and it holds tons of stuff- notebooks, laptop, books, etc...MBMJ also has some cute little totes out which are perfect for work- not too flashy.
  9. I like the Hudson and Mix Quilted tote best! But the Stella is a great back too.
  10. I like the Stella or Mix Quilted Tote as long as the stuff you are carrying is not too heavy. The leather will stretch out. I wholeheartedly agree that L.A.M.B. totes are a good alternative. I am carrying a Devon Tote today and it is crammed with HEAVY stuff, including my laptop. Super Strong and cute, too.