Large Ergo Tote - Vintage Vaschetta or Turquoise

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  1. Hello Ladies!
    I've popped over to this forum from the Bottega Veneta forum, where I usually reside, because I am completely taken with the Large Ergo Tote. I would like your advice as to whether you would recommend the Large Vintage Vachetta Tote (which costs more) or the Large Turquoise or Black Ergo Tote. Why do you recommend either bag?

    I've been told that the leather on the Vaschetta tote is absolutely sumptuous, but I would like your input. I am very drawn to the turuqoise color on the regular Ergo large tote, I must admit. I love turquoise. But I am obsessed with black bags. I do not own any tan bags, and have always stayed away from lighter color bags, but the quality of the leather on the Vaschetta Vintage Large Ergo tote has me intrigued.

    I anxiously await your input, opinions, and advice.

    Thank you so much, in advance!
  2. I am sure someone with one of these will jump in, I really like the ergo totes but do not have one.
  3. I just wanted to clarify - I am comparing the Vintage leather Ergo large tote and the Turquoise Leather Ergo large tote.

    I'm not sure if "vaschetta" leather plays in at all in the Vintage Ergo tote. Sorry for the confusion.

    Let me know which one you recommend and why. Thanks!
  4. Turquoise, its just plain hot!
  5. I have and LOVE the large Ergo Tote in turquoise. That said, I also have many bags in the tan/brown family so I was looking for a different color. The Vintage is beautiful and I would strongly consider it if you do not already have much tan/brown. For my $, I was happy to buy the tote and matching wallet for a little over what the Vintage Tote would have cost me.

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  6. Vachetta all the way
  7. Those of us who own this tote in any color or vachetta really like it. All leathers are gorgeous, large but light weight. I have turquoise and love it, I have vachetta maude and love it too. It's a tough choice. The turquoise has a burnished/vintage which I think is what makes it look so good with so many colors.

    I've also heard though that the turquoise is a hot seller.
  8. I have the Ergo Vintage Vachetta tote and really love it.
    I am getting the turquoise one as well. This is how much I love this bag. I must have it twice. Once is not enough for me. My son even commented on how great my Ergo Vintage Vachetta tote leather smells. It is my favorite bag hands down and I am finding it difficult to switch to anything else right now and I do have a nice collection. If you are only going to get one I would get the Vachetta Ergo tote. I have even gotten it wet in the rain and there are no water stains left at all. It dries perfectly.
  9. I vote for the turquoise. I personally find I get more use out of my colored bags because the "go" with almost everything in my closet without clashing too much - especially a color like turquoise really doesn't clash with much.

    If you are talking about a vintage bag from the ergo collection a few years ago I really like the look of those bags over the current ergos and I like that they aren't new so you won't see yourself coming and going. The fact that the new ergo bags are so popular and I see them everywhere is what's been stopping me from the turquoise ones myself.
  10. Ladies,
    Thank you so, so much for all this feedback! It is so very helpful since you know these bags so well. :yes:
  11. I have only seen the turquoise tote once in NYC. I have seen alot of white, camel and black totes. I have never seen the Vintage Vachetta tote No. 11011 other than my own. In any event if I loved the bag and the style that would not keep me from buying it. I just would think other people have good taste just like me. Most people here in NYC tend to buy Coach Signature which is just not me so I tend to look different anyway as I am always carrying a leather or suede bag. If you love that turquoise bag just get it you will not regret it!

  12. LIZ! I KNEW you were going to get the tote in turq!!! Show the pic of you modeling it pls!!!
  13. I would take the Vintage Vachetta any day over the turquoise.
  14. kiutty77:

    I am getting it for the PCE on June 7th. I am also going to get the Ergo Patent tote in red (it is the smaller version). I can't wait for the PCE. I will post pictures once I get it.

  15. I have the large leather Ergo tote in Turquoise and it's gorgeous. The color goes with much more than you would imagine. I used it today and I kept staring at it while it was on my lap in the car. :girlsigh: Don't worry, my DH was driving!