Large Ergo Tote in PATENT! YAY!

  1. So bored at work....I was fooling around on the "tools of the trade" and found that the large ergo tote is going to come in patent!! There's no intro date yet, but the price is $548 and it's coming in the pond, black and some sort of brown. YES!!!! :yahoo:
  2. the black or pond will be mine!
  3. IM SO with you on the pond!!! I own 3 ergo large totes now and 1 ergo magazine tote in the plum. MY ERGO collection must grow!!! The regular ergo tote is just WAY to small for my liking, im a big bag kinda girl!
  4. Hi. I was at the Philadelphia Outlets yesterday and they had a newer book out than I got last week. It had the large Patent Ergos in it.
  5. Oh noes! I hope it's not an outlet exclusive!!! I would die!!! :crybaby:
    I really want the pond in patent, it's such a beautiful color!
  6. Don't worry, the outlets don't have their own catalog. It will be in the Coach boutiques.
  7. Please post pics of this new tote and pics from the new catalog with new goodies if some has it Please!
  8. This is great news! I really am looking forward to the Ergos.
  9. Omg!!!! Awesome!!!!
  10. I think that I would like a regular tote in pond and a large tote in the brown :smile:
  11. I think I'm going to have to sell my turquoise Ergo Tote to get a pond tote!!! I never liked the look of patent before this one came out! Hopefully I'll like it as much IRL!
  12. I love the pond patent ergo. I hope they make more bags in this color. I would love a gallery tote in the pond patent. Ehhh no more Coach Ash...Ban Ash! :angel:

  13. I love the look of my ergo patent hobo, and it feels awesome too...yet it is black, and I want a lighter color in patent as well, I think it would be fun since I wear so many neutrals these days, and in summer I prefer blends of tan, brown, and white together, with a fun accessory in a color to set it off. Pond would be lovely. Or maybe if someday they would make pink!:heart: (or turquoise patent...hmmm)
  14. I totally drooled over the thought of a pink patent tote! I would not be able to restrain myself!:nuts:
  15. LOL they would sell out so fast, and all the bags would be going to tpf girls. It would be awesome.