Large Dr. Groovee bag?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm not too familiar with the Dr. Groovee bags, but I remember seeing pics of a large one (it was like a weekend tote size) with the rectangular metal tag on it. It looked like luggage. I'm still sorta lusting over it. :P

    Does the large one have a specific name? And is it still available in stores? Thanks.
  2. By chance are you referring to this?

  3. Yes! :smile:
  4. It is called the MBMJ Delancey. Its not readily available in stores anymore but some pop up on Ebay now and then. Keep an eye out and you might snag one!:yes:
  5. Thanks! I appreciate it!
  6. Another question. What is the 2nd largest one called? I saw some pics and it might be too big for me, haha. Is there a more manageable size (one step down from the Delancey)? Thanks!
  7. I think there was a size in between the Groovy and Delancey that was exclusive to Barney's. You may find one if you call around. Good luck!