Large dogs in department stores

  1. I was at NM in Merrick Place last night going through the Gift Gallery when a very, very large, unleashed gorgeous Golden Retriever came running to me and greeted me with great love.......his owner, a very attractive young woman was busy looking at the sale items. This is the first time I see an unleashed large dog in a department store., is this okay?
  2. I believe that it is absolutely not okay to bring dogs or any other kinds of animals into stores, unless they are a dog that helps handicapped people. I find it particularly disgusting when owners bring their pets into the stores, the pet pees / poops on the floor and the owner makes no effort to clean it up.
  3. There are always dogs in NYC stores such as Bergdorfs, especially on the weekends. I don't mind them being there but they are always and should always be on leashes.
  4. I wouldn't care personally..I love dogs. But it should be on a leash.
  5. During NM's last call sale a few days ago, I saw to SA's in the Merrick Plaza 2nd floor ladies clothing section frantically calling housekeeping because there was dog poop all over a section of the sale rack..........this was not okay!
  6. I down here in Florida and I have yet to see a dog in a store. Not that I would mind, if it was on a leash, but it would be unusual sight. At least for this southern gal. There are outdoor restaurants that welcome dogs but not stores that I know of.
  7. Well, just go to Bal Harbour or MErrick, I also love dogs and have had them since a child but, there are times when I don't want to step in dog poop nor be trying to get around a large dog while walking around very expensive art glass pieces.
  8. In Germany it's normal to take your dog into stores and restaurants. But I would never let mine (who's small) walk without a leash. Most of the time I carry him anyway. And he would never ever poop or pee in a store. That would be so disgusting.
  9. I would worry that the dog would run outside. With automatic doors it may be hard to stop the dog. This happened to a man at petsmart once when the dog wiggled out of his collar. Luckliy the staff was quick to block the sensor on the door.
  10. No, I don't think it's OK.. Think about the people who have allergies or a fear of dogs. My kids are terrified of large dogs no matter how nice they are. One should be able to go out for a day of shopping & not have to worry about stepping in dog poo, sneezing or having a screaming child because of it. What if a child did something that startled a dog & got bit? If I was going to Petsmart or a similar pet store, I would expect to see animals in the store but not NM, Macy's, etc...

    Honestly, WHY would you need to bring your Golden Retreiver shopping anyway? I just think it infringes on the rights of others who might not be such dog lovers. Just my 2 cents..
  11. Don't know why the golden was brought to NM's unleashed last nite. It seemed like the staff was used to this person and her unleashed dog coming in since no one approached her.
  12. Unleashed I can't see that being a good idea anywhere. Goldens are so lovable though :biggrin:
  13. I feel the same way about children. :lol: I'm kidding...

  14. ITA!!

    It is equally disturbing to me when parents let their children run up to me, with sticky/dirty/etc hands outstretched...

    Or strollers that take up the whole aisle while shopping...etc etc

    I feel that if you bring a child or pet anywhere, it is your responsibility to make sure that that child/pet does not impede or bother anyone else.
  15. :p Trust me, I take my kids shopping about as much as I would my dog! LOL