Large DIAMOND STITCH TOTES available!!!

  1. Hi guys..... Guess what??? Large DS totes are out there!@! Tonight I went to the Chanel boutique at South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA) and they had them! The SA Kris said they had about 4 in the back, so hurry and call if you want one! She said they got them yesterday and they are going quick. I have one on hold for me until tomorrow, since I couldn't get it tonight because my stupid bank has a limit set on my debit card and I had already gone crazy shopping for clothes. :cursing: I hate my bank!! I am seriously so bummed because she said she will try to hold it but can't guarantee it, because it is such an in demand bag. They also had the smaller totes in black and white and flaps.

    Oh yeah and I saw the cotton clubs. The blue is beautiful!!!
  2. Can you describe the Cotton Club blue?!
  3. It is a medium tealish color and metalic-y. Very pretty. They also had the silver-white cotton club, which looks like a pearl color. I really want to see the black.
  4. Hopefully, you can get it tomorrow. I had that same thing happen to me with a debit card once. I think there is like a $2500 limit per day (at my bank). I called and asked for mine to be increased and they agreed to increase it up to $3000.
  5. Thank you Kirsten! I appreciate your descriptive description! :nuts: I am looking for something along the dark royal to greyish blue versus a greenish blue which is what teal reminds me of. I will wait for my Nordstrom s/a to send pics from her trunk show.
  6. Well it is kind of greyish-blue and metallic (but not over done metallic). I would say it is more greyish-blue than greenish-blue. It is really hard to describe because it is such a unique color. I only saw the bowlers.
    The thing that threw me off from wanting one is they look exactly like the cambon ligne. I know they are and were designed to be similar, but it is just too much. I like the cambon ligne too, but the price for the cotton club is way steep. It was $1800+ for the bowler. Who knows though I may end up wanting one when I see the totes in black. I hope the black has the metallic shine to it too.