large diamond stitch tote

  1. does anyone know how much this large diamond stitch tote is going for? also does any one know the dimensions of this bag?

    i like this bag alot but is it a more dressy bag or can u dress it down for letssay a student in nyc
  2. A33378 Y04167
    Black Large calfskin shopper with interlaced chain

    this bag is so nice too

    hmm which one is cuter??
  3. IMO the diamond stitch tote is sporty dressy. It can dress down for sure, and having the classic chanel chain straps give it the dressy look.
    i havn't seen the interlaced bag, but that looks great too.
  4. I totally agree Kaban! I have the small diamond stitch tote and you can dress it up or down. That is what I love about it. I was torn between a classic jumbo flap & the diamond stitch but thought the jumbo classic was a little too dressy for casual use.
  5. I think you can dress any bag down these days, since the trend is to try not to look so perfect... you can wear a dressy bag and pair it with jeans or sweats. No one will think your crazy :smile: well at least I hope not because I do that... lol
  6. I do it too Yorelica. I wear jeans to work every single day and on weekends. I love broken-in, destroyed or light colored denim (no dark wash for me) so a classy bag is a nice contrast. I used to do the trendy bag look a lot with denim but now love how my Chanels, Paddingtons, and chamois Edith, dress up the casual outfit.
  7. I have the large Diamond Stitch tote in black. It looks great dressed up or down and is so easy to carry.
  8. Its 1750 or something like that... I returned mine yesterday... I think its VERY casual w/ the distressed leahter and it isn't huge... but its VERY roomy!!