Large Diamond Stitch Tote in Brown **PICS**

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  1. It went back this afternoon. The C's were too blingy for me!! Its at Saks NYC!!
    Chanel - Grained Calfskin Diamond Stitch Large Tote - Brown - 01.jpg Chanel - Grained Calfskin Diamond Stitch Large Tote - Brown - 02.jpg Chanel - Grained Calfskin Diamond Stitch Large Tote - Brown - 03.jpg Chanel - Grained Calfskin Diamond Stitch Large Tote - Brown - 04.jpg
  2. WOW that's gorgeous in brown. Maybe I should add a brown to my collection because if def need some color in there.
  3. WOW, gorgeous and congratulations!
  4. Very pretty but I understand about the bling-factor. In the Outdoor collection the leather is the same but the hardware isn't as blingy... smaller and pewter or brushed nickel? Wonder if they have a tote that would be an option?
  5. I LOVE that but kind of agree about the big shinyCCS. . . they remind me of the Gucci Blondie's big GG logo.
  6. Sorry it didn't work out. It looks great overall, but I can see what you mean about the CC's.
  7. i am so sorry it did not work out for you. such a stunning bag too. but must agree with you on the harware too.
  8. The hardware is the only thing tha has made me hesitate on the bag...I do love the shape and love the leather. does anyone know if the outdoor collection (like blugenies beautiful bag) has a bag with a similar shape as this one?
  9. Honestly.... I thought the diamond stitch and outdoor were the SAME collection - LOL!! I asked for the little cc's on the tote... I didn't realize they made 2 totes in the same leather that are so similar!!
  10. I have seen a tote with little cc's posted in here. Maybe likeafeather77's bag? Sorry it didn't work out for you, but you are also very true to yourself and know what works and what doesn't!
  11. edit - oops I was thinking hobos, not totes - nevermind!
  12. Love the diamond stitch it looks grrreat!
  13. Japs... Absolutely love the bag (my large black is my most recent "favorite") but sorry it did not work for you... On the other hand, now you have an opportunity to "audition" some new friends...
  14. I know.... I am still depressed... I LOVE the leather too... but I beat on most of my bags so much that the C's would be ruined in a day!!
  15. I wasnt drawn to the bag initially, but it grew on me and i like it since the metal is not shiny silver but rhutium?? Not sure of spelling.
    Macp6 - the outdoor has the same style tote which i had but exchanged for the diamond stitch - it was my first choice but the hardwear made the bag too heavy with a little in it and difficult to carry.