Large Diamond Stitch bag instead of smaller one?

  1. I have the small black Diamond Stitch from last spring. Now that Chanel re-released the large Diamond Stitch bag, should I get that one instead and sell the small one? The small one is a bit too small for my everday stuff. Plus, should I get it from Chanel boutique or Neiman Marcus to save on tax? I want to ship it to PA. Thanks!
  2. is there a large size difference between the two ?
  3. I prefer the large. I have the brown Outdoor tote which is about the same size as the small DS, and have to creatively arrange my items inside and use the slide pockets for things that would normally go into the main compartment of another bag.
  4. If the small one is too small for your everyday needs, then the bigger one would be better for you. Both the Boutique and NM wont charge you tax if you ship to another state, so it doesnt matter which you choose.
  5. I wish my large DS tote was even bigger! It's so functional though I love it.
  6. Get the larger one, because you said the smaller one is not quite working for you. My SA has the larger one and I think it's so pretty, and it holds a ton too.
  7. Get the large one if you don't think that the small really meet your expectation. Personally, since I'm very petite, I would get keep small just because it would suit me better. But if that's not an issue for you then definitely get the larger size. Why not right?
  8. any pics? I haven't seen the new large DS yet.......
  9. how much can a small tote generally fit because it does look very roomy
    this might be stretching it but anyone knows how it compares to a LV neo cabby MM ?
  10. it is about the same size although more structured than the neo cabby MM and has the two outside pockets too.
  11. If you find the small just does not work for you ..I'd sell and buy the larger one.
  12. Go for the large size. It's a better fit on the shoulder and you'll have extra room inside should you need it.

    Nordstrom ordered the large size DS in black and white for $1995, but the only way to save on tax with Nordstrom is if there is no Nordstrom store presence in your state. Same with NM; the s/a's will rarely waive tax. Saks is your best bet for tax savings via charge-send (providing they ordered the large size).
  13. THANKYOU!!!!

    i was thinking no one would know the comparison but you did! :tup:

    sounds like small's more suitable for me then...funny how i used to only buy big totes big bags last time and now prefer smaller bags :s