Large Denim Tote

  1. Does anyone have this (in any color) can you post a picture of yourself wearing it? It would be most helpful! Or a medium for that matter? (Your welcome jill).
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I bought it!LOL!(medium nude...LOL!)
  3. wanna see Jill!
  4. Jill that ebay link is your size! I thought it was the one I ordered but its the size down. Damn I want one in pink now....shoot!!!!

  5. Dude-What ebay link??LOL!
  6. which ones did you get???!!LOL!
  7. I wish your hubby would rub off on my PHH.......if he sees this MJ get delivered...I am sooooo in big trouble!LOL!
  8. My husband is pretty good he has his PHH days but I think he sees the discount and knows its a good deal. Three of these bags is equal to one LV for he is ok. Now the real question is which do I keep. I will have to lay them all out and try them all on!! FUNNNNNN!!!

  9. I feel like I'm eavesdropping!:shame:

    Just wanted to say I LOVE that tote you linked S!
  10. I love it too! Its really pretty! I have three of them I am excited to see what I want to keep!!