Large Denim Carly for me?

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  1. I've been thinking/dreaming of the large denim Carly since I first saw her!!! Today I was at the outlet & mentioned that with all of the misc. things I've purchased over the past few months, I could have purchased a Carly. The SA told me she had one in the back & brought it out for me!!! :yahoo:

    I tried it on, but it seemed too big for me! The medium seems too small though...I'm 5'4", 120lbs. I'm also worried that it's more of a seasonal bag, not a year-round bag. Since it was at the outlet (someone returned it, too big for her!), it was about 10% off, so it was $389 instead of $428. The other bag I've been thinking of is the khaki/saddle in large.

    Does anyone have both the khaki & denim Carly? The denim actually seems much stiffer & less slouchy than the khaki, even though it's cotton. I need your expert advice please, I just can't decide. On the one hand, it's $40 off the regular price, but is it too big? On the other hand, is the khaki a better deal because it's more of a year round bag & less casual? FYI, I'm a young 50 something, but is the denim too "young" for me? HELP ME DECIDE, PLEASE!!! :confused1:
  2. I like the Denim Carly and I am 50 something! It's not too young for you. I am 5 4" and the large is too big for me. I like the Medium size best for my height. I think it still holds alot. I wouldn't buy it just to save $40---make sure its the one you want. Now if it was $100 off I would have it in my hands in a Second!!
  3. You know, I've looked at the denim carly for a long time, and it's a beautiful bag, that's for sure. It does feel pretty heavy, even empty, so it depends upon what is comfortable for you.

    Also, how will you use this bag? Do you need file folders or other large items or do you just need to carry more everyday stuff?

    Could you wait to see if you get a PCE invite? You could save 25% off the bag that way..

    It's important that you be comfortable with the bag.

    I think denim looks great on ladies of all ages!
  4. Thanks for your feedback ladies! I usually carry a medium bag, but sometimes have a need for a larger bag. The medium Carly seems a bit small & the large Carly seems a bit big! (It really seems like a big difference between the two sizes!) I haven't purchased much from the Coach boutique, mostly from the outlet, so I'm thinking I won't qualify for the PCE. Anyway, I'm still thinking about it...anyone else have advice?
  5. I tried on the large last night and it is beautful! It doesn't look nearly as big on as it seems--it holds a TON of stuff from what I've seen.

    Ladies--can we give her a couple of Carly experts to help her out?
  6. I have the Large Carly with the signature cotton chocolate white and brown) big C's. I have to say it is beautiful and stunning, BUT it is really heavy! I love it, but everytime I haul it around I wonder if I should have gotten the medium. Also, the interior is so, so big that it's hard to find things! (Does that make since? There is a lot of bulk to it.) ANyway, I love the look of the bag and I have had so many people compliment me on it, but if I had it to do over again, I would probably get the medium. Just FYI, I am 32 and 5'2 with lots of stuff to carry for my 4 kids!:yes: