Large Cotton Club Tote...

  1. Anyone of you also find the Large Cotton Club Tote bulky under your arms? As far as I can remember when I tried it on to my shoulders before, it was bulky.. I can't remember... But I still do love the Light Silver Large Cotton Club Tote... Any pros and cons? I tried searching for a modelling pic, but I didn't see any.. Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. I have the large CC tote. I don't find it bulky at all. It's quite comfy.

    The only con that I have found is that the bottom corners of the bag can tend to smoosh in. So, when I'm not using that bag, I stuff the heck out of those corners so that it looks nice. Other than that, I love the bag and haven't had any problems with it.
  3. i don't find it bulky at all too.
  4. I love my black CC tote! It really seems to fit me perfectly! The leather is so soft and lightweight that it really doesn't seem bulky to me at all! In fact, I really wish that I'd picked up one in bronze as well...:sad:
  5. I have this bag in the large light silver. It really isn't too big and bulky, and I'm the type that doesn't like really large bags. I agree with the above, though, the corners do tend to squish down and crease.
  6. I also have the silver large tote and it seems to fit fine except that the threading came undone on one of the corners so now I am nervous about wearing it daily.
  7. Can you ladies do a little modelling for me of this bag on your shoulders? Please? :biggrin: TIA! :biggrin:
  8. hey rica. I will post pics. I don't find the bag bulky at all. No problems with it.
  9. yay! Thanks jen! Can't wait for the pics!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. okay rica here's the pic sorry for my clothes i was on my way to bed last night. But as you can see from the side the bag is not bulky and that it "closes" near the arm area so you would not have a difficult time carrying it. :graucho: get it already!
    cotton club resize.jpg
  11. if you need more pics just pm me :smile:
  12. Thanks Jen!! Now I remember.. LOL.. Thanks a lot! I definitely would want the Light Silver Large Cotton Club Tote in my wishlist! ;D
  13. Where can we still get the Cotton Club range? I've been searching for the light silver/white cotton club oblong looking bag... don't know what its called but it has a diagonal zip in front... But there's no more in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong the last I checked! Anyone knows where I can still get?
  14. I'm also looking for one, can't find one at the moment though.