Large Cotton Carly?

  1. Are these impossible to find at the outlets? I'm headed tomorrow and plan on calling all of them I can find. Will outlets ship?

    I pretty much *only* want this bag right now and that's the main reason for my trip tomorrow besides small accessories.

    Thanks for any help :smile:
  2. When I went to the Waikele outlet on Tuesday they had the large jade cotton Carly and the plain (I don't know what color it's called, beige or something?) ones.
  3. Oh, yay! That gives me hope :yahoo:
  4. Okay, off to hopefully find a large cotton Carly!!:yes:
  5. I just sold mine on eBay... I bought it at an outlet in July
  6. Last July is when I found my Denim cotton carly at the outlet.

    Good luck with your outlet trip. I hope you find what you are looking for!