Large Classic Shopper bag ....Anyone????

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  1. Am I the only one who loves the large Classic Shopper?

    I bought two - one in white and then one in beige.
    Post pictures on Monday.
  2. I bet if I see your picture I will fall in love as well:graucho: I am a sucker for anyting CHANEL!
  3. hehe cannot wait to see hte sure itll make me want to get one too!
  4. Ok, I have a question - my SA calls the bags I purchased Classic Shoppers - yet on the thread "I am fiending CHANEL! Help me choose my first..." has a bag very close to it (from the pictures). The lady in the thread calls it the PST...what is the PST ? What does it stand for?

    It could be one in the same - but I will post images monday...
  5. I thought the Classic Shopper was the one with the zipped top? The PST is more of a tote style with an open top?
  6. They have a open top (tote like) with a center zipper area which creates a division in the bag for two open areas for stuff...

    I will post pictures and actually look on the box for what it saids...I am just going by what she (SA) and another (SA) called them both...

    They are real - both purchased at Beverly Hills store, so no worries there - I am just curious about the names as I see different terms being used - such as Grande Shopper.

    One word that fits all is Beautiful....
  7. Hi Ladies,

    Here are the pictures I took this weekend of my bags.
    Even though as mentioned the SA called them Large Classic Shoppers - I finally looked at the label on the box and it shows the name as Grand Shopping. So, I assume that GST - is short for Grand Shopping Tote...

    If the color on the beige looks a bit off - from the room lighting...sorry about that.
    both wh be.JPG label be.JPG label wh.JPG
  8. OMG! they're sooo pretty!
  9. yes, these are the GST's a PST is the same but smaller.
    LOTS of PFers have and love this bag:yes:
  10. Those are GSTs :smile:
    The white is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Lucky girl!
  11. thanks for the confirmation of the names.:smile:
    excuse my learning curve on the names...
    doesn't help when the SA calls them something different either...

    Yes, I adore them, glad to hear I am not the only one.

    Now, I need to get them out and into action - is one of those things where they need to come out over know the old excuse "I've had this in the closet" hahaha.
  12. Gorgeous bags, especially the white! Congrats and enjoy!

  13. LOL! Yeah, most of us are familiar with the old "Oh this thing? I've had it in the back of the closet for AGES!" Congrats on the GSTs! They're absolutely gorgeous!:yes:
  14. OH maaaaaaan theyre gorgeoooooouuusss!!! makes me want one (or possibly 2) even more!!

    Congratz! enjoy your bags!!
  15. Congrats!!Want a chanel bag real bad