Large Classic Ostrich Chanel or Phython Spy or Kelly 32 Hermes

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Dec 20, 2005
Okay. I am still confused. I got a list wanted bag that I would like to purchase asap but I am still confused. Maybe you guys can give me a little help here.

Of course I wanted a Birkin 35 but so far I haven't had time to call other Hermes boutique beside Hermes Houston which whenever I call them NO Birkin available.:lol: But what do you expect? Unless you are super lucky of course!

So I am not a patience person and there are other bags that also coming into my consideration if I can't wait for the Birkin. Of course this bag has to be equal or very close in quality and beauty and everything else that has to count.

I fall in love with Ostrich Chanel (light beige) in large size! OMG! I am in love :love: :love: :love: Believe me I have hard time to leave the store without it but it was on hold for me. The price is about $7,600 I think.

Then there is another bag that I wanted which is the Phython Spy! That bag is gorgeous and so light weight and I love that bag and the color is gorgeous (blue, green, choco, beige combination). I wish I have pics to show you but I can't find anywhere. I saw it in NM and also Fendy Boutique. The price of this bag is around $5,000.

And then finally the Kelly bag that is still available in Hermes store in black and gold color. The price around $6,000 to $7,000 I think. I am not the exact prices.

Helpppp! I don't want to spend alot of money for something I don't love til I die! I think I can love the ostrich chanel in classic style and also the Fendy phyton for a long time as long as the will hold the time.

Which one do you think I should get??? Help!:wacko:

I am also going to post this thread on the handbags & purses forum so I can hear other opinions.

I need your opinion guys so help me.

Here is the pic of Chanel I copied from someone's thread on this forum.

ostrich chanel.jpg


Mar 15, 2006
is this the phython spy you are talking about? (I saw it on the Fendi spy thread on thefashionspot from Spycrazy) i think it's pretty but I think i would go for the ostrich chanel or the kelly. although you do have the ferragamo ostrich and the colors might be a little too similiar. The kelly is very very classic, and it's Hermes! I'm sure the craftsmanship is wonderful and will hold up very well! I want a Kelly or Birkin for my next bag! :P

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