Large Classic Flaps with Gold Bijoux Chain...?

  1. Okay, guys, I've been hunting all over for the new 08 metallic black reissues w/gold hardware. Today I went to the boutique in Manhasset and saw the black w/the ruth hardware, and it didn't wow me as much as I thought. SO believes when i see it w/the gold it'll blow me away, but alas I'm still on the waiting list for that at NMs.

    In the meantime, I've fallen in love with the large classic flap, in either caviar or lambskin, mainly because I love the CC lock. However, I also loooooove the bijoux chain of the reissues. Did they ever make this combination? Large classic flap with gold bijoux chain? ....or should I just stop dreaming about it now? :crybaby:
  2. I learned on the forum that the bijoux chain is not the same chain as the "reissue" chain. You should check out the reference library. The reissue chain looks like it has more multiple links compared to the bijoux.

    I hope I'm not misunderstanding you, and that you understand what I'm trying to say.. lol.

    But if you are referring to the true bijoux chain, I have seen pictures of classic flaps with it. But definitely never seen a classic flap with the reissue chain. HTH..
  3. Edit: Should add that I've only seen bijoux chains in silver on this forum... Maybe someone else could chime in on the topic!
  4. ^^i didn't know the reissue and bijoux chains were different! i think i just like the chain without the leather in it =P i would loooove a gold chain...really pops with the black!
  5. I know some reissue colors come with a gold chain, but like I said.. I've never seen the classic flap with any reissue chain OR with a *gold* bijoux chain. =\
  6. I have 2 flaps with the "new chain" as the sa's like to call it, it never came in gold , only silver, love them!!!