Large classic flap or Medallion??

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Which one for my next Chanel?

  1. Large black classic flap in caviar with silver hardware

  2. Black medallion tote with silver hardware

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Dec 31 is when my purse ban is over :yahoo:I'm thinking about adding to my Chanel "collection" (hehe, I only have one right now, a black cerf tote). I am thinking about either the large classic flap (black with silver hardware) or black medallion tote with silver hardware. What do you girls think? Take my poll! :flowers:
  2. Large classic flap!
  3. large classic flap
  4. hmm i have the medallion tote in pink
    so now I want the jumbo classic flap..
    either way you can not go wrong....
    medallion tote
  5. I voted for the black/silver classic flap. It's a staple in every Chanel girl's collection.
  6. You have a classic Chanel tote with the Black Cerf so I think you should go for then next true classic - the classic double flap! And it is gorgeous in black with the silver hardware.
  7. I love the classic flap!
  8. I have both and love both. IMO both are classics. I guess you really need to consider how you would use the bag. Obviously the Medallion Tote holds more than the Classic Flap, but since you already have the Cerf tote, maybe the Classic Flap would be a nice addition to your collection. Either way, you really can't go wrong. Both are great choices!
  9. The classic flap.
  10. classic flap in lambskin or Medallion in caviar.
  11. I vote for the classic flap since you already have a tote. :smile:
  12. Classic flap!
  13. Thanks for all your input girls!
  14. ^^Ditto! They're both great bags, so it's a close call, but I have to agree with Edna...
  15. I vote for the classic flap in not really a fan of the medallion.
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