Large classic flap in white caviar, anyone?

  1. Hey ladies. Was wondering if anybody's seen this anywhere besides a Chanel boutique. I want to earn some sort of rewards (Saks, NM, etc.) on the purchase.

    By the by, this will be *my* first Chanel. I occassionally use my mom's purses, but this will be aLL MINE! hahah.
  2. I spoke to an SA at Saks in Richmond, VA and they had one this morning.

    she was just naming off colors and I remember her saying that they was a white w/ silver hardware.

    Good luck. let us know if you get it!!!:tup:
  3. The Saks in Boca Raton has this. I just got my white caviare flap during EGC in August.
  4. I want to talk to the SA but I don't have any number of them..
    Can you give me the number of the sweetest SA?
  5. THANK you ladies! Just checking..both of them were with silver hardware, right?

    I'm looking for gold. Apparently it's limited to the Beverly Hills boutique...but I'm really hoping my SA is wrong : )
  6. i havent seen white flap with gold lately. only with silver chain...
  7. I thought I saw that the saks in Boca has gold h/w. Call Marta at 561-620-1354. She works from 10-3pm. Tell her La China sent you. (I just bought the white flap from her during EGC and she's the best!)
  8. I have also been wanting a white flap with gold hardware, but it has proved to be much more difficult to find than I thought it was.
  9. When I was in the BH boutique, my SA said the white with gold was made only for the boutique. I ended up with white GST with gold h/w. TDF!
  10. gold h/w is very difficult to find right now.
    My NM had plenty of white flaps, but I didn't notice which color h/w.
    LMK if you want my SA's info.