Large Chocolate Betty Came Today & WOW

  1. She is SOOOO much better in person then any photo I've seen. I was afraid the color was going to be a reddish brow but it's a TRUE deep chocolate brown. JUST PERFECT. And the best part $716 plus tax. Almost 1/3 of the original price. :yes:

    The photo is w/ all the stuffing in.
    bettyyay.JPG betty on.JPG
  2. Oh My That is gorgeous :love:

    This bag is much better IRL than the pictures.

    Does it have 2 pockets on each side?

    Where did you end up buying it?
  3. Congrats! I love the Betty. It looks fab on you!
  4. Thanks! I wound up finding it at Nordies and had them PM Saks additional 30% off.
  5. Yes, 2 huge pockets on either side and that adorable little change purse. I am a total pocket/zipper person. I need compartments and this fits the bill!
  6. Gorgeous - I love the chocolate. She looks great on you. Congrats on the price - that is an awesome deal on an awesome bag.
  7. All this talk about the Betty at an unbelievable price makes me want to get one! So, is there a possibility that I can still get one for that price??? Please let me know!! :biggrin:
  8. They actually calculated the math in your favor :lol:

    $716 = 40% + 30% off the $1705 size,
    unless they took the 30& off the retail price
    instead of the sales price! :idea:
  9. You got a really great deal, your bag originally sold for $1976-
    the betty with the rings is more expensive than the summer betty that Saks has now...
  10. Beautiful bag! :love: I'm thinking about a Med. Betty. I saw both in person yesterday, and the Betty's are stunning. They have so many details. Congratulations. Did you see any Med.'s? They were all full price at the NM I went to.
  11. I actually have a med. coming.

    ooops, NO selling on the PF!
  12. Do you? What color is it? I really liked the tan color that I saw. It was $1700 though.
  13. That color on that bag is excellent. Brilliant choice!
  14. What a fabulous bag! I wish I could get my hands on a black one for the same price.
  15. Fabulous! looks great on you, congrats!
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