Large Chloe Cream Paddington

  1. I Have A Beautiful Large Authentic Cream Paddington And I Want To Sell It. Don't Get Me Wrong- It Is Stunning But It Is Too Much Bag For Me And It Does Not Get Enough Love Or Respect In My Collection. It Is Such An Expensive Purse It Is One Of The Only Bags I Own That Friends Can't Borrow Especially Since The Light Color And Soft Leather. Does Anyone Have Any Recommendations On How To Go About Selling. Ebay's Are Mostly Fake And I Don't Want To Fee My Ms. Chloe To The Sharks. Any Ideas?:shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. I don't know, but you can't mention selling on tPF! You should try ebay! I've bought several authentic paddys from there so there shouldn't be a problem!
  3. I recommend Ebay too! Ebay is mostly fakes but there are still a lot of authentic bags on Ebay and a lot of people use Ebay to buy authentic bags from. You could also consign it but you would lose a large % of your sale. You'd probably have more success going the Ebay route than anything else. Just take clear pics to clearly show the authenticity of your bag.