large chanel tote

  1. i want to get a new school tote before school starts and cant seem to find the right size bag i like the black on black cambon tote but i dont know if its big enough..any one know a better chanel bag for school use like a bigger one:heart:
  2. Go for the Cambon. It's definitely large enough to carry what you need. If you don't carry a lot (maybe just a notebook and no books), you could look at the grand shopping tote.
  3. how about the cabas lv tote would that make a better school bag?
  4. It's too small IMO. The Cambon large tote is bigger than the cabas Mezzo and Piano.
  5. So the other bag I was looking at was the Shopping Tote? Not sure how much the large is compared to the petite and what the prices are like. Anyone have pictures of the two?
  6. petite is $1095. and grand is $1650.

    The petite will not fit textbooks, notebooks, or the likes. While it is a very roomy bag, it is not meant as a schoolbag so it won't fit the school necessities.
  7. I have the Cambon tote and it's big enough for books, IMO. I've carried a few in it before and I like the fact that the zippered part comes up over the top and will zip up to cover everything even if you have bigger books in it.
  8. Also, the Grand Shopping really won't fit books very well since there's that zippered part in the middle (if I'm thinking of the right one?) and two other sections. It'd be much easier to just get the Cambon tote or the LV Cabas Mezzo. I have both that I use for school totes and they're very roomy.
  9. Do you carry a lot to school? if you do I dont think the Cambon is that suitable (not that my handles have ever broken off) but I dont think its SO strong to hold books everyday. Their leather strings tied into a knot!

    The grand shopper is a bit heavy for school I think even without anything in it. But its stronger :smile:
    my vote goes to LV or Gucci school bags.
  10. i have the mezzo and i fit quite alot into it. usually my notebook, my 12inch laptop and miscellaneous items. it's a little hardier...

    i think there's a nylon chanel that may be big enough? i don't know the name... can anyone help? i know it comes in black and white. it retails around $1200-$1400 Singapore dollars depending on the size. The exchange rate is approx 1USD=S$1.59.
  11. I ordered the black/black cambon tote for school & I think it should be just the right size unless you plan on carrying an uber lot of books. For a few notebooks & a small laptop even though it should be good!
  12. What about the Chanel Cerf? It might not be as big as the largest cambon tote, but it's a very comfortable shoulder bag and the leather is far more resistent than the cambons.

    I guess it all depends on how much you're planning to fit into your bag (and how rough you are on your bags!), but I can manage to stuff quite a few books into my Cerf, without it looking too bulky. ;)