large chanel shopper with zip top

  1. does anyone know if the large shopper but with the zip top exists? i know there is a small version of it but i seen a large one on eBay, i was wondering if its authentic. if anyone has it can you please post pics thanks.;)
  2. It sounds like you are talking about the GST. It has a middle zip "pocket" and is open on either side of the zip. Do a thread search for GST and you will find plenty of pictures. If you want to find out if the eBay one is real post it in the authenticity thread.
  3. its like the gst but it closes with a zipper. i know the small one exists but i dont know about the large.
  4. Could it be the Medallion tote???
  5. Maybe if you posted the link from eBay, that might help.