Large Chanel shopper tote

  1. Does anyone know how much a large Chanel shopper tote would cost? I'm really interested in purchasing one but would like to get some ideas as to price ranges.
  2. Which large tote are you referring to? Could you describe it or post pics?
  3. This is the Grand Shopping Tote and it's $1650, it's caviar leather
  4. i have the petit shopping... $995, caviar leather
  5. Thanks everyone! I'm looking for a bag that is similar to Swanky mama of three in caviar leather or lamb skin. I don't own a Chanel bag yet but my birthday's coming up and I figured I'm treat myself to a little present ;)
  6. great bag.. (I have it...:smile: ) everything (and the kitchen sink) fits in there. they have it at bal harbour ((I was just there today) in the beige and in black... hope you treat yourself for your b-day... :nuts:
  7. Thanks you know if the Bal Harbour has the Cambon line? I heard that they were discontinuing it and I was also considering getting a tote from that line. It's so hard to decide which bag will be my first Chanel...they are all so beautiful :girlsigh:
  8. That bag is gorgeous! I tried to look for in at the Chanel store where I am from but they have limited purses in stock & that wasn't in stock =(
  9. here is my petit shopping... bad pics from my phone!!

  10. That looks SO cute on you!!
  11. wow 15 years old w/ a chanel. I wish I was you! :smile:
  12. I've heard the chain on this bag squeaks, is that true?
  13. ahhh thanks you guys are so nice! umm i notice that little! it squeaks only a little bit, but i hardly notice, unless i play with it
  14. Now that I am seeing this bag - I WANT ONE - do they come in brown???
  15. Yes, the small shopper is really cute! It looks great on you!